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September 10, 2010

Ivy Devlin: Ten Young Adult Novels I Wish Everyone Would Read Right Now

Posted by jordana
LowRedMoon RGB_0.jpgIvy Devlin's debut novel LOW RED MOON joins the clamor of YA paranormal romance, but stands out amongst the crowd. Here she gives Teenreads a list of her favorite YA novels that you may not know about, but are certainly worth the read. 
I love young adult novels, which probably goes a long way toward explaining why I wrote one! And while there are many amazingly popular books out there that I adore, there are plenty of lesser-known books that are just as awesome, and that I wish more people would read. Here are ten of them, in no particular order:
  1. ENTHUSIASM by Polly Shulman --- Having read many an adult novel tackle Jane Austen--either in a re-telling or in homage, Shulman's book comes closest, in my opinion, to the spirit of Jane Austen in this lively, sparkling, and completely winning novel. (And if you don't believe me, believe Stephenie Meyer--she blurbed it!)
  2. LET'S GET LOST by Sarra Manning --- I love everything Sarra writes, and wish all of her YA titles were available in the US, but this one...oh, this one is as close to perfection as a book can get, I think. Intense, thoughtful, and heartbreakingly honest.
  3. DOOLEY TAKES THE FALL by Norah McClintock --- I read about this book on the blog Bookshelves of Doom, ordered it, and am now anxiously waiting for the third book in the series to come out. Amazingly well done mystery + awesome male narrator= GOLD!
  4. GAME GIRLS by Judy Waite-- I adore all her books but this one, about three girls who half stumble/half scheme their way into running an escort business--and what happens to them-is a fantastic read.
  5. SHE'S SO MONEY by Cherry Cheva--Sassy, smart, laugh-out-loud funny, and a hot guy? What more could you want? Check this one out--you won't regret it.
  6. THE CARBON DIARIES 2015 by Saci Lloyd --- You want to talk about scary future/dystopian books? This one is brilliant because the future it shows could very easily happen, and sooner rather than later. (Also, the writing is amazing and I've got the sequel and can't wait to read it!!)
  7. NOUGHTS AND CROSSES by Malorie Blackman --- This book looks at a world where everything about race is flipped. The first time I read it, I just had to sit for a while when I was done because it made me realize how racism is just---well, everywhere. And I mean, yes, we all know that, but this book *really* brings it home. I also have to throw out a shout-out to the follow-up, Knife Edge, which is one of the darkest YAs I have ever read.
  8. GUITAR HIGHWAY ROSE by Brigid Lowry --- I've read just about all of Lowry's books but this one, about an Australian girl who decides to hitchhike up and around the coast with a guy she's just met, is my favorite. It sweet and charming and the way the story switches around is just brilliant.
  9. FRESH OFF THE BOAT by Melissa de la Cruz --- Yes, I know everyone has read her amazing Blue Bloods series, but this gem, about a girl from the Philippines adjusting to life in America, doesn't get nearly the attention it deserves.
  10. BEFORE I DIE by Jenny Downham --- this one came out with a lot of press but SO didn't get the reception it should have. (*cough* Printz *cough*) I didn't get it then and I still don't because this story, about a girl who is dying of cancer, and whose journey toward acceptance of that, is by turns funny, sad, sexy, sharp, lovely, and ultimately, heart-breaking, is utterly fantastic.
--- Ivy Devlin