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August 24, 2010

MOCKINGJAY Release Party at Books of Wonder

Posted by jordana

Last night, as any good little Tribute may know, Suzanne Collins kicked off the release of MOCKINGJAY at Books of Wonder in New York City. The event was chock full of entertainment for the masses, complete with face-painting and juggling, and BOOKS!

There was even a girl wearing a very special dress. (Not me!)

Guesses, anyone? 

Here's a hint: It was white, in a bridal sort of way, with lovely black feathers and some orange-reddish ones that made it look like flames. 

Yes! It was Katniss's dress from CATCHING FIRE.

The fanfare was wild, and the turnout was good --- all around me were devotees of the series. Really, though, it was the diversity of the crowd that made this event exciting. That adults are reading young adult novels is old hat ---  we've been featuring YA novels for adults on since April. (Check out this interesting NYT article for more on the YA-Adult Crossover Phenomenon).

But at this event you could see it. While the majority of Hunger Games enthusiasts looked to be in their junior or senior year in high school, quite a few seemed to be in college and the rest were in their 20s and up. A small portion of attendees were the kids too young to stay out so late on their own, and their parents.

Since I arrived on the later side, I was given one of the last numbers. I looked down at it. It looked up at me. #378. Goodness gracious. 

And Let the Waiting Begin! Cupcakes were definitely in order. 

Mockingjay Release 003.jpg

When I finally made my way through the line (don't you worry!) I was, admittedly, a bit starry-eyed. I hadn't yet met the Scholastic team and I introduced myself.


<-- Here I am doing just that!


This is how it went:

ME: Hi! I'm from Teenreads! Nice to finally meet all of you!
EVERYONE ELSE: Teenreads?! We love you guys!
ME: Yay!

And you know what Suzanne Collins said?

S.C.: You guys at Teenreads are awesome!
ME: (I think this is where I just start babbling uncontrollably).

She kindly stamped my book and then I went to bed. Fun was had by all. (Except perhaps my boyfriend who graciously took this photo but has never read the books. Tsk tsk. Let's all send him emails saying how great the series is: wordSwords@... Nevermind. I'm not that evil.)