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May 13, 2010

Alyssa B. Sheinmel: A Day in the Life - Senior Year of High School

Posted by Marisa Emralino

Alyssa_cropped.jpg978-0-375-86182-6.jpgStopping by for a visit during her blog tour is Alyssa B. Sheinmel, author of the debut novel, THE BEAUTIFUL BETWEEN (in stores this week!).  Below, she offers us a peek into her daily life... circa 1997.


I really wanted to do a “Day in the Life” posting, but seeing as my characters are in high school, I thought it would be more fun --- and a little more appropriate --- to re-live a day in my life when I was in high school. Luckily, I’ve been keeping a diary for most of my life, so I have a pretty good record of what the average day of my life was like during my senior year of high school. So here goes.

7:10a.m.: Alarm goes off. Roll out of bed and into the shower. My school has a uniform (this is the fall semester; as a senior, next semester I won’t have to wear it anymore). You’d think since there’s a uniform involved, getting dressed would be easy, but I still try on at least two shirts before heading out the door and walking the three-and-a-half blocks to my school.

8:15a.m.: We don’t really have homeroom anymore. The teachers come to the senior lounge to take attendance. I study SAT words and almost miss my name being called.

8:30a.m.: First class of the day. Hopefully it’s English or history, both of which I love. In math, I mostly just sit there having panic attacks.

10:45a.m.: Lunch period. That’s right, my school has allotted 10:45-11:30 as the lunch period for grades nine through twelve. And they serve us food like spaghetti and meatballs and beef stroganoff at this hour, too! It doesn’t bother me, since, like at least half of the senior class, I never eat breakfast.

11:30a.m.-3:15p.m.: More classes, interspersed with a few free periods. During free periods, I head out with a couple friends to the local coffee shop where we order iced mochas with extra whipped cream. My school is ten stories high, but seniors are allowed to take the elevator. In between classes, I try to sneak a few of the younger girls whom I babysit onto the elevator with me.

3:15p.m.: Head home. Snack and watch TV until 4p.m., then begin homework. I’m pretty obsessive about my grades, since this semester is my last chance to try to impress colleges.

7p.m.: Order in Chinese food, my favorite: chicken with broccoli in brown sauce with white rice. I eat this same meal at least twice a week. Talk on the phone with friends while I eat. Also watch TV. (I like to multi-task.)

8:30p.m.: With the TV on in the background (probably “Friends” or “Dawson’s Creek”), log on to AOL, which --- this being 1997 --- seems very technologically sophisticated, and involves unplugging my phone and hooking the extension up to my computer. My friends and I have just discovered, and are addicted to, Instant Messenger.

10p.m.: Get ready for bed, but I know I won’t fall asleep for at least two or three more hours, because my Long-Distance Pseudo-Boyfriend lives on the West Coast, and I always stay up and wait for his call. Write in my diary for a little while, mostly about my college applications and how it seems like days and days waiting for the call from Long-Distance Pseudo.

11:30p.m.: Long-Distance Pseudo calls. Chat for thirty minutes about all the shenanigans he’s getting himself into, and when we think he’ll be able to visit. I am head over heels in love with him, but I don’t tell him.

Midnight: Fall asleep, imagining what life will be like next year, when I’ll finally be off at college. Already planning the outfit I’ll wear to orientation.

-- Alyssa B. Sheinmel


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