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February 24, 2010

Nikki Carter: Between a Rock and a HAWT Place!

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COOL LIKE THAT (in stores this week!) is the fourth installment in Nikki Carter's So For Real series, which follows 17-year-old Gia Stokes as she navigates through life and love at Longfellow High. Nikki joins us today to bring us up to speed on Gia's latest romantic predicament, and introduce us to the two irresistible guys vying for her protagonist's attention.

What do you do when you have to choose between two boys? One has been your bestie forever, he’s hot-to-death, and all the girls would kill to have him as their boo. He’s the star of the football team, but he’s nice too --- he hangs out with you and makes up dance steps. Plus, your mama LOVES him. Did I mention you’ve known him your entire life? Sounds like an easy choice, right?

But what if the new boy is totally different than any guy you’ve ever met? He’s not just hot --- he’s HAWT. Nice eyes, ripped abs, cute face…like I said --- hawt! He calls you and every other girl he meets “princess,” and he writes poetry. He takes you to dance recitals and poetry readings, and is completely into you. I mean completely into you --- more, you think, than your bestie. At least more than your bestie has been willing to admit.

This is Gia’s dilemma in COOL LIKE THAT. She and her best friend Ricky have been accepted into a summer program (holla!) and they are pumped to be spending the summer before their senior year in New York City. They just, kind of, declared their like for one another, but decide to put crushes on hold for the summer so that Gia’s mother won’t spazz out.

Then along comes Rashad. He’s from Atlanta and has no plans of putting anything --- crushes included --- on hold. One look at Gia and he decides that she is going to be his girl for the summer. His swagger is hard to resist even if she knows she’s hurting Ricky in the process.
What should she do? Should she pick the one who’s been there for her since the beginning of time, or the new and exciting Rashad? And then what about senior year? Homecoming and prom are both right around the corner and picking Rashad would mean a long distance relationship since she lives in Ohio.

I think she should follow her heart…but what if her heart doesn’t know what it wants? If you want to know who she picks, score yourself a copy of COOL LIKE THAT. As a matter of fact, you probably need to pick up the entire So For Real series, so you can read about all the drama that leads up to the summer before senior year.

-- Nikki Carter