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February 17, 2010

Suzanne Young: Romance in YA

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Suzanne Young's debut novel, THE NAUGHTY LIST, is the first installment in a series about a group of girls who by day are known as the cheer squad of Washington High, and by night, double as the members of a spy society who catch cheating boyfriends in the act. In today's guest blog, Suzanne explains why she has such a soft spot for YA romances and shares a few of her absolute favorites.

I read a lot --- especially between projects --- and I’m not afraid to admit that there is only one thing I look for in my YA books: romance.

Sure, there are some fantastic books about family, suicide, or zombies, but I’ve taken an oath to only read books that I can completely fall in love with. And for me those books involve making out.

So what are some great YA titles and that give you the thrill of first love? I have a few favorites --- okay, more than a few. The funny thing is, I’m not a fan of adult romance novels. YA captures something special --- the magic of it all. Sigh…

Here are just a couple of YA romance books in no particular order:

PERFECT CHEMISTRY by Simone Elkeles: This book is hot! I was hooked by the first chapter and a little out of breath when it finished. It was a fast-paced, sexy and real. I highly recommend this one.

THIS LULLABY by Sarah Dessen: I adore this book more than any other Sarah Dessen novel (and that’s a tough call). I just found Dexter to be absolutely perfect in his own odd way and I was in love with him by the end. A perfect guy in my opinion.

TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer: Please don’t judge me. I have to admit… when I first read this a few years ago, I was completely smitten with Edward. Something about the fact that he and Bella wanted each other so badly but couldn’t even really kiss was fascinating, and the tension was delicious.

So those are just a few, but now I need your help! What other romantic YA books am I missing out on?

-- Suzanne Young