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June 1, 2009

Michael Spradlin: Me and J. K. Rowling

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Today's guest blogger, Michael Spradlin, is the author of several books for young readers, including the teen series Spy Goddess, as well as his current project, The Youngest Templar Trilogy. Below, he sets the record straight on his close personal ties with Harry Potter author, J. K. Rowling.

Like most YA authors, I do a lot of school visits. And like most of my writer friends, I always leave time for questions at the end of my presentations. Without a doubt, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is: do you know J. K. Rowling?

My answer is “no, I do not know J. K. Rowling, and given the limits of the restraining order, am I likely to anytime soon. But we do have several things in common!” (By the way, I’m just kidding about that restraining order thing).

For example:

1. We both write books!
2. Together we have combined to sell millions of copies of our books around the world!
3. She is from England, and I have visited England once.
4. We both have an ‘lin’ in our last names!
5. The Harry Potter books are set somewhere in England. My novel THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR: KEEPER OF THE GRAIL is set somewhere in England.
6. Her books have lots of action, humor, adventure, humor, suspense, humor, intrigue…and oh yes humor. So does THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR: KEEPER OF THE GRAIL!
7. We both use punctuation!
8. All of her books have been made into blockbuster movies. I have seen all the movies!

So as you can see, that is almost nearly ten different things that I have in common with one of the best-selling writers in the world. Believe me if I ever do get a chance to meet J. K. I will be sure to point out to her all the things we already share. And I’m sure if we ever do meet, we will become fast friends.

One last thing, I like to point out to students when I’m visiting schools or guest-blogging and talking about not knowing my good almost friend J. K. Rowling is that the Harry Potter books are over. So you might as well read THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR: KEEPER OF THE GRAIL!

I mean, what could it hurt?

-- Michael Spradlin