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William Osborne


William Osborne

After graduating from Cambridge University, William Osborne became a lawyer, but his career took a sharp turn when he switched to screenwriting in Hollywood. He has worked on more than sixty movies, including The Mummy and Goldeneye. He lives in Norfolk, England.

William Osborne

Books by William Osborne

by William Osborne - Historical Thriller, Military, Mystery, Youth Fiction

Tygo, a locksmith's son, is forced by the Nazis to loot abandoned Dutch homes for valuables. Known as "The Ferret," everyone despises him, but helping the Germans is the only way he can stay alive. When he discovers a girl with a diamond in a chimney, he refuses to give her up. Instead, he turns spy and uses the jewel to find out information about Hitler's ultimate weapon. He has one shot to stop the war. Can a ferret become a hero?

by William Osborne - Fiction, Military, Young Adult 12+
Otto and Leni thought they were safe: They escaped --- barely --- from war-torn Europe and are living as refugees in England. But now the Crown has recruited them: Great Britain wants them to go back. As spies! Dropped behind enemy lines, Otto and Leni embark on a top-secret operation to capture the one person who can defeat the ultimate evil of Nazism!