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Todd Hasak-Lowy


Todd Hasak-Lowy

Todd Hasak-Lowy received his Ph.D. in comparative literature from UC Berkeley, where he studied Hebrew, Arabic, and English literature. He is currently an assistant professor at the University of Florida, where he teaches Hebrew language and literature. He is the author of The Task of This Translator, a collection of stories. This is his first novel. He lives in Gainesville, Florida.

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Todd Hasak-Lowy

Books by Todd Hasak-Lowy

by Todd Hasak-Lowy - Family, Fiction, Judiasm, Young Adult 13+
Darren hasn’t had an easy year. There was his parents’ divorce, which just so happened to come at the same time his older brother Nate left for college and his longtime best friend moved away. And of course there’s the whole not having a girlfriend thing. Then one Thursday morning Darren’s dad shows up at his house at 6 a.m. with a glazed chocolate doughnut and a revelation that turns Darren’s world inside out.