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Tara Sullivan


Tara Sullivan

Tara Sullivan was born in India and spent her childhood living in Bangladesh, Ecuador, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic with her parents who were international aid workers. She received a BA in Spanish Literature and Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia, and a MA in Latin American Studies and an MPA in Non-Profit Management from Indiana University.

To research GOLDEN BOY, Tara traveled to Tanzania where she interviewed those working to rescue and educate Tanzanian people with albinism. She currently teaches High School Spanish and lives in Massachusetts. GOLDEN BOY is her first novel. 

Books by Tara Sullivan

by Tara Sullivan - Culture, Social Issues, Young Adult 12+, Youth Fiction

For two years, what has mattered most for 15-year-old Amadou are the number of cacao pods he and his younger brother, Seydou, can chop down in a day. The higher the number the safer they are because the bosses won’t beat them, and the closer they are to paying off their debt and returning home to Moke and Auntie.  The problem is Amadou doesn’t know how much he and Seydou owe, and the bosses won’t tell him.  Tricked into forced labor on a plantation in the Ivory Coast, they spend day after day living on little food and harvesting beans in the hot sun. With no hope of escape, all they can do is try their best to stay alive --- until Khadija comes into their lives.

by Tara Sullivan - Human Rights, Young Adult 12+

Thirteen-year-old Habo has always been different --- light eyes, yellow hair and white skin. Not the good brown skin his family has and not the white skin of tourists. Only his sister Asu loves him well, but even she can't take the sting away when the family is forced from their small Tanzanian village, and Habo knows he is to blame. Seeking refuge at his aunt's house in Mwanza, Habo and his family journey across the Serengeti. But in Mwanza, albinos are hunted because their body parts are thought to bring good luck. To survive, Habo must not only run, but find a way to love and accept himself.