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Tara Hudson


Tara Hudson

Tara Hudson

Books by Tara Hudson

by Tara Hudson - Young Adult 13+

The passionate love between ghost girl Amelia and human boy Joshua was powerful enough to break the barrier between life and death. But demonic forces threaten to tear them apart. The evil beings tell Amelia she must turn herself over to darkness or they will kill a human every week. Forces of light offer Amelia a solution. She can join them in gathering souls, but she will never see Joshua again.

by Tara Hudson - Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Young Adult 13+

Increasingly worried that dark spirits will carry out their threats and hurt the people she loves, Amelia is ready to try anything to protect them. And for his own reasons, Joshua has come to the cemetery at midnight to join her in a powerful ritual. Both know that once Amelia steps inside the Voodoo circle and the beautiful girl from the Conjure Cafe begins the cere­mony, everything will change.