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Tania Del Rio


Tania Del Rio

Tania del Rio is a comic book writer and artist; her clients include Archie Comics, Dark Horse, and Marvel. She is best known for writing and drawing the 42-issue run of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She lives in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Aaron Feaver

Tania Del Rio

Books by Tania Del Rio

by Tania Del Rio - Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Science Fiction

When Sabrina is granted a magic wand, will she be able to control the magnitude of magic it possesses, or will it control her? Throw in a hidden pirate ship, unicorns, elves and the battle of a lifetime, and you’re in for a whirlwind of supernatural suspense!

by Tania Del Rio - Fiction, Graphic Novel, Youth Fiction

Sabrina and friends become caught up in the secrets of the Magic Realm, while friendships and relationships are put to the test in both the magical and mortal realms.