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Suzanne Nelson


Suzanne Nelson

Suzanne Nelson has dreamed of being a “riter” since kindergarten, before she was even old enough to spell the word. She’s published several novels for young readers. After spending eight years as a children’s book editor in New York City, she lives with her family in Ridgefield, Connecticut, where she is constantly on the lookout for abandoned shoes. Although she doesn’t own as many shoes as Imelda Marcos, she does own a handmade pair decorated with peacock feathers.

Suzanne Nelson

Books by Suzanne Nelson

by Suzanne Nelson - Fiction, Friendship

Alicia Ramirez has always loved baking. Her family owns Say It With Flour, the small bakery in town. And Ali's specialties are cake pops. But Ali's sweet life turns sour when a sleek coffee shop opens across the street, giving her bakery a run for its money. Worst of all, the owner's son, Dane McGuire, likes to bake, too. He's the new kid in Ali's school...and happens to be annoyingly cute. When Dane and Ali engage in a bake-off to prove who is the cake-pop master, it's Ali's chance to save Say It With Flour. But will she be able to rise to occasion...and ignore what her heart might be telling her?

by Suzanne Nelson - Historical Fiction, Holocaust, Young Adult 12+
Dalya is the daughter of a cobbler in 1930s Berlin, and though she is only fifteen, she knows she will follow in her father’s footsteps. When she is forced into a concentration camp one violent November night, she must leave behind everything she knew and loved.
Ray is a modern-day orphan, jagged around the edges in every possible way. She sees an impulsive escape to New York as her only chance at happiness; there, she knows she’ll be able to convert her sorrows into songs.
Pinny is an unwavering optimist and Ray’s unintended travel companion on her passage to a new life. She inherited from her eccentric mother a fascination with shoes as a means of transformation and expression