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Stephanie Diaz


Stephanie Diaz

Stephanie recently graduated summa cum laude from San Diego State University. She wrote EXTRACTION when she should've been making short films and listening to class lectures.

When she isn't lost in other worlds, she can be found singing, marveling at the night sky, or fangirling over Doctor Who and Supernatural.

Stephanie Diaz

Books by Stephanie Diaz

by Stephanie Diaz - Adventure, Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Young Adult 12+

It's been seven days since Clementine, Logan, and their allies retreated into hiding on the Surface. Clementine feels almost safe in their company, but she knows it won't last. The rebels may have won one fight against Commander Charlie, but the fight is far from over. He will find a way to fly his Core battleship to the nearby planet, Marden, no matter how many lives are lost in the process. Unless the rebels defeat him first. But Charlie has more weapons in his possession than guns and bombs, and he will do whatever it takes to keep the rebels from ruining his plans. With every step, Clementine draws closer to losing Logan and everyone she cares about --- and losing control of herself.

by Stephanie Diaz - Dystopian, Fiction, Futuristic, Science Fiction
Clementine has spent her whole life preparing to be tested for Extraction in the hopes of being sent from the planet Kiel’s toxic Surface to the much safer Core, where people live without fear or starvation. When she proves promising enough to be “Extracted,” she must leave without Logan, the boy she loves. What she finds initially in the Core is a utopia compared to the Surface—it’s free of hard labor, gun-wielding officials, and the moon's lethal acid. But Clementine learns that the planet's leaders are planning to exterminate Surface dwellers—and that means Logan, too.