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Stacey Kade


Stacey Kade

As a former award-winning corporate copywriter, Stacey Kade has written about everything from backhoe loaders to breast pumps. But she prefers to make things up instead.
She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Greg, and their two retired racing greyhounds, Tall Walker (Walker) and SheWearsThePants (Pansy).

Stacey Kade

Books by Stacey Kade

by Stacey Kade - Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Dating, Fiction, Friendship, Young Adult 14+

Caroline has never been particularly good at making friends. So out of desperation and a desire to please her mother, Caroline invented a life for herself using characters from the show "Felicity." But now it’s time for Caroline to go off to college and she's ready to build something real. But when her mother discovers the truth, she gives Caroline an ultimatum: Prove in this first semester that she can make friends and thrive, or it’s back to living at home --- and a lot of therapy. Caroline accepts the challenge, but she soon realizes that the real world is rarely as simple as television makes it out to be. Caroline may have to abandon her script and take the risk of being herself.

by Stacey Kade - Fiction, Loss, Young Adult 12+

Jacob Palmer died for three life-changing minutes. And when he woke up, nothing was the same. Elijah, his twin brother, is dead, and his family is broken. Jace’s planned future is crushed, along with his pitching arm. Overwhelmed by guilt and doubt, Jace struggles to adjust to this new version of the world, one without his brother, one without the certainties he once relied on. And then Thera comes into his life. She’s the last girl he should be turning to for help. But she’s also the first person to truly see him.

by Stacey Kade - Science Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult 12+

After being on the run, Ariane Tucker finds herself back where she started-under Dr. Jacobs's cruel control. Now she must participate in the upcoming trials: a deadly competition pitting her against other alien hybrids, each representing a rival corporation. But Ariane is no one's weapon, and she is prepared to die if it means taking down those involved in Project Paper Doll. They destroyed all that she holds dear, including Zane Bradshaw, the one person she trusted and cared for the most.

by Stacey Kade - Science Fiction, Young Adult 13+
Ariane Tucker has finally escaped GTX, the research facility that created her. While on the run, Zane Bradshaw is the only person she can trust. He knows who-and what-she is and still wants to be part of her life.
But accepting Zane's help means putting him in danger.
Dr. Jacobs, head of GTX, is not the only one hunting for Ariane. Two rival corporations have their sights set on taking down their competition. Permanently. 
To protect Zane and herself, Ariane needs allies. She needs the other hybrids. The hybrids who are way more alien and a lot less human. Can Ariane win them over before they turn on her? Or will she be forced to choose sides, to decide who lives and who dies?