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Scott Brown


Scott Brown

Scott Brown (5'4") is a prolific writer of nonfiction, theater and television. As a journalist and arts critic, he's worked for EW, New York, Wired, GQ, and Time magazines, among others, and was the recipient of the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism. He is the co-author/composer of Gutenberg! The Musical! and a bookwriter on two developing Broadway-bound musicals (from Warner and Disney Theatricals). In television, he wrote for the critically acclaimed drama "Manhattan," and he is currently a writer and producer on HBO's "Sharp Objects," from the novel by Gillian Flynn.

Scott has never taken any herbal supplements, but he's also never read the ingredients on his Spindrifts very closely. Either way, it's unlikely he'll see 5'5". He lives in Western Massachusetts with his taller wife and growing family. Learn more about Scott on Twitter at @scottstagedive.

Scott Brown

Books by Scott Brown

by Scott Brown - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Humor, Young Adult 13+

On his sixteenth birthday, Will is just shy of five feet, and he is bitterly resigned to being tiny forever. His only comforts are his best friend and stepbrother, Drew and their pal Monica, the girl Will's been quietly pining for. Everyone else literally overlooks him...until things take an unexpected turn, and he realizes he's on his own. That's when he starts to grow. For the first time, Will's happy with his stature, and the world's at his feet. But as his most precious relationships suffer excruciating growing pains, Will has to figure out what to do with himself --- and all of this new "himself" he never expected to have.