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Sarah Moore Fitzgerald


Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald is the author of BACK TO BLACKBRICK, a novel for young readers. She is a professor at the University of Limerick in Ireland, where she lives with her family.

Photo Credit: Liam Burke, Press 22, Limerick

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Books by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald - Family, Social Issues, Young Adult 11+, Youth Fiction

Fourteen-year-old Oscar Dunleavy is missing, presumed dead. His bike was found at sea, out past the end of the pier, and everyone in town seems to have accepted this as a teenage tragedy. But Oscar's best friend Meg knows he isn t dead. Oscar is an optimistic and kind boy who bakes the world s best apple tarts; he would never kill himself, and Meg is going to prove it. Meg must confront the painful truth of Oscar s past six months, along with the possibility that he might really be gone.