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Sarah Glenn Marsh


Sarah Glenn Marsh

Sarah Glenn Marsh is an author of young adult novels and children's picture books. An avid fantasy reader from the day her dad handed her a copy of THE HOBBIT and promised it would change her life, she’s been making up words and worlds ever since. She lives in Virginia with her husband and four rescued greyhounds.

When she's not writing, she's often painting, or engaged in nerdy pursuits from video games to tabletop adventures. FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP is her first novel.

Sarah Glenn Marsh

Books by Sarah Glenn Marsh

by Sarah Glenn Marsh - Fantasy, Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Romance, Young Adult 13+

Karthia's borders are open for the first time in nearly three hundred years, and Odessa is determined to explore the world beyond Karthia's waters, hoping to heal a broken heart. Odessa and Meredy are fascinated when their journey takes them to a land where the Dead rule the night and dragons roam the streets. But growing political unrest means Odessa and Meredy are thrust back into the lives they tried to leave behind. Warding off enemies seems impossible, until one of Queen Valoria's mages creates a weapon that could make them invincible. As danger continues to mount inside the palace, Odessa fears that without the Dead, even the greatest invention won't be enough to save their fates.

by Sarah Glenn Marsh - Fantasy, Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Romance, Young Adult 14+

Odessa is a master necromancer, catering to the kingdom's Dead. Whenever a noble dies, it's her job to retrieve their soul from a shadow world called the Deadlands. But there is a cost: the Dead must remain shrouded or a grotesque transformation begins, turning the Dead into bloodthirsty Shades. A dramatic uptick in Shade attacks raises suspicion around the kingdom. Soon, a disturbing conspiracy is revealed: Someone is intentionally creating Shades --- and training them to attack. Odessa is forced to wonder if her magic is the weapon that brings the kingdom to its knees? Fighting alongside her fellow mages, Odessa must untangle the gruesome plot to destroy Karthia before the Shades take everything she loves.

by Sarah Glenn Marsh - Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult 12+

When sixteen-year-old Bridey was young, she witnessed something lure her granddad off a cliff and into a watery grave with a smile on his face. Now, in 1913, those haunting memories are dredged to the surface when a young woman is found drowned on the beach. Soon, people in Bridey’s idyllic village begin vanishing, and she finds an injured boy on the shore --- an outsider who can’t remember who he is or where he’s from. In exchange for saving his life, he teaches Bridey how to master her fear of the water --- stealing her heart in the process. But something sinister is lurking in the deep, and Bridey must gather her courage to figure out who --- or what --- is plaguing her village, and find a way to stop it before she loses everyone she loves.