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Sandra Neil Wallace


Sandra Neil Wallace

For more than fifteen years, Sandra Neil Wallace was a news journalist and ESPN sports announcer before leaving television to write novels. Named a Talented Newcomer in Children’s Literature by The Horn Book, Wallace admits her life now is a far cry from traveling across the country covering the NBA or the NHL, but she much prefers the comfort of her tiny, Macintosh-colored office in New Hampshire. It’s situated across the hall from her husband, author Rich Wallace’s office. Their shelter dog, Lucy, often lies in the hall in between, turning onto her back and itching for a belly rub, just like Eli’s dog, Tater, in Wallace’s first novel, the award-winning children’s book, LITTLE JOE.

Sandra Neil Wallace

Books by Sandra Neil Wallace

by Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace - Adventure, Children's Nonfiction, Nonfiction, Young Adult 10+

In the years following the Civil War, "Arctic fever" gripped the American public, fueled by myths of a fertile, tropical sea at the top of the world. Several explorers attempted to find a route to the North Pole, but none succeeded. Bound by Ice follows the journey of George Washington De Long and the crew of the USSJeannette, who departed San Francisco in the summer of 1879 hoping to find a route to the North Pole. However, in mid-September the ship became locked in ice north of Siberia and drifted for nearly two years before it was crushed by ice and sank. 

by Rich Wallace and Sandra Neil Wallace - Biography, Human Rights, Racism, Social Issues

Jonathan Daniels, a white seminary student from New Hampshire, traveled to Selma, Alabama, in 1965 to help with voter registration of black residents. After the voting rights marches, he remained in Alabama, in the area known as “Bloody Lowndes,” an extremely dangerous area for white freedom fighters, to assist civil rights workers. Five months later, Jonathan Daniels was shot and killed while saving the life of Ruby Sales, a black teenager.

by Sandra Neil Wallace - Young Adult 12+

Felix O'Sullivan's world is crumbling around him: the mine that employs most of town is on the brink of closing, threatening to shutter the entire town. But Felix's got his own burdens to bear: his older brother, Bobby, died in the war, and he's been struggling to follow in his footsteps ever since. That means assuming Bobby's old position as quarterback, and leading the last-ever Muckers team to the championship. Maybe then his angry, broken-hearted father will acknowledge him, and they'll be able to put Bobby's death behind them.