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Roland Smith


Roland Smith

Roland Smith was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. When he was five years old his parents gave him an old manual typewriter that weighed more than he did! It was his favorite possession. He spent hours in his room clacking away on that old typewriter. Of course, when he was five he didn’t know how to spell and he barely knew how to read, but he loved the sound and the look of the letters on the crisp white paper.
Things haven’t changed much since then. Smith still spends several hours a day in his room clacking away and he still loves the sound of the keyboard and the look of the letters and words that eventually turn into stories. The only difference is that he can read now and he spells a lot better.

Books by Roland Smith

by Roland Smith - Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Young Adult 13+

After conquering the mountains in Afghanistan, Peak Marcello goes to Myanmar, a country that has been in the grips of a brutal military regime for more than 50 years, to visit Alessia. When he’s invited to climb Hkakabo Razi, one of the most isolated mountains in the world, Peak can’t pass up the opportunity. But getting to the mountain will involve a four-week trek through tropical rainforests rife with hazards --- from venomous reptiles and leeches to corrupt police and military. In the end, summiting Hkakabo Razi may be the easiest thing Peak does.

by Roland Smith - Adventure, Youth Fiction

The International Peace Ascent is the brainchild of billionaire Sebastian Plank: Recruit a global team of young climbers and film an inspiring, world-uniting documentary. The adventure begins when 15-year-old Peak Marcello and his mountaineer mother are helicoptered to a remote base camp in the Hindu Kush Mountains on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. When the camp is attacked and his mother taken, Peak has no choice but to track down the perpetrators to try to save her. Fans of the bestselling Peak will be thrilled with this gripping, high-stakes sequel.