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Robin Constantine


Robin Constantine

Robin Constantine is a born and bred Jersey girl who moved down South so she could wear flip-flops year round. She spends her days dreaming up stories where love conquers all, well, eventually but not without a lot of peril, angst and the occasional kissing scene.

Robin Constantine

Books by Robin Constantine

by Robin Constantine - Drama, Family, Fiction

Cassidy Emmerich is reeling from a sudden, humiliating breakup. She decides to spend the summer with her father and his family at their Jersey Shore bed-and-breakfast, working as a camp counselor and hoping to forget Gavin as quickly as possible. Bryan Lakewood is sick of nevers. You’ll never walk. You’ll never surf. You’ll never slow dance with a girl and have her put her head on your shoulder. Last year he made one false move --- now he’s paralyzed and needs to use a wheelchair. But this summer, he’s back at his camp job and is determined to reclaim his independence and confidence. Cass is expecting two months of healing her broken heart. Bryan is expecting a summer of tough adjustments. Neither are expecting to fall in love.

by Robin Constantine - Fiction, Romance
Madison Pryce thinks she’s got everything figured out. Plus she has her hot boyfriend, Zach. They’re casual by choice --- getting serious with a guy only complicates things. But then a visit from a family friend turns Maddie’s life upside down and throws all her beliefs into question. Set in the same world as THE PROMISE OF AMAZING, this smart, surprising, and romantic follow-up to Robin Constantine's debut novel follows two New Jersey teens as they become friends and fall in love.
by Robin Constantine - Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 13+

One fateful night, Wren and Grayson's paths cross at Wren's family's Arthurian-themed catering hall. What follows is the complicated, awkward, hilarious and tender tale of two teens shedding their pasts, figuring out who they are --- and falling in love.