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Rize Shinba


Rize Shinba

Rize Shinba

Books by Rize Shinba

Written by Pentabu and illustrated by Rize Shinba - Graphic Novel

After overcoming some of the strangest hurdles and learning to accept Yuiko's fangirl tendencies, Taiga is over the moon that their comical but loving relationship is stronger than ever. But when the fanfic he's been diligently writing for Yuiko brings Taiga some sudden and unwelcome Internet notoriety, will he be able to withstand the onslaught of a zillion Yuikos.

written by Pentabu , illustrated by Rize Shinba - Fiction, Manga, Young Adult 16+

Taiga tries to handle his girlfriend Yuiko and her over-the-top geeky ways, but it may be the end of the line.