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Peter David


Peter David

Peter David

Books by Peter David

written by Peter David, illustrated by Leonard Kirk and Valentine De Landro - Fiction, Graphic Novel

X-Factor investigations has been taking on stranger and stranger cases recently...but when an eerie sighting leads the group to the hometown of their leader, Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man, they may have stumbled on a bigger mystery than they intended.

written by Stephen King and Robin Furth; illustrated by Peter David, Sean Phillips and Richard Isanove - Graphic Novel

After escaping death at the Battle of Jericho Hill, Roland Deschain helps a dying gunslinger return to the crypts of Gilead. He finds the fallen city haunted by both the memories of his past life there and the ghost of a long-dead traitor. Inspired by Stephen King's momentous saga, THE JOURNEY BEGINS is a haunting psychological examination of Mid-World's last gunslinger as he begins his search for the Dark Tower and the evil that lurks within.