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Peter Brown Hoffmeister


Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Peter Brown Hoffmeister is the author of the critically acclaimed adult novel GRAPHIC THE VALLEY, and the memoir THE END OF BOYS. A former troubled teen, Hoffmeister now runs the Integrated Outdoor Program, serving teens of all backgrounds, taking them into wilderness areas to backpack, climb, spelunk, orienteer and whitewater raft. He lives with his wife and daughters in Eugene, Oregon.

Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Books by Peter Brown Hoffmeister

by Peter Brown Hoffmeister - Coming of Age, Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult 14+

“Little” McCardell is doing all he can just to keep it together after the disappearance of his grandfather “Big” and the arrest of his older brother, JT. He’s looking out for his younger cousin, trying to stay afloat in school, working in the town graveyard for extra cash, and in his spare time he's pining after Rowan --- the girl JT was dating until he got locked up. When the cops turn up asking questions about Big, Little doesn’t want to get involved in the investigation --- he's already got enough to deal with --- but he has no choice. Especially not after the sherriff's deputy catches him hunting deer out of season and threatens to prosecute unless he cooperates.

by Peter Brown Hoffmeister - Sports, Young Adult 13+, Youth Fiction

Travis plans to spend the summer working on his basketball game with his friend, Creature, reading excerpts from Creature's novel-in-progress: THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO RUSSIAN PRINCESSES, canoeing around the lake and trying to catch a glimpse of the beautiful girl who just moved in. But he also has a few less conventional plans for this summer: not going back to juvie and searching the homeless camps for his mother, with a jar full of cash to help her get back on her feet.