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Peggy Caravantes


Peggy Caravantes

Peggy Caravantes writes middle grade and young adult nonfiction, primarily biographies. Her most recent interest is writing stories about women from the past who can serve as role models for today’s girls. Caravantes describes herself as a “research junkie” because she loves searching for an unusual tidbit or a little-known fact that may capture the attention of her readers. She will research almost any topic (except mathematics!) and enjoys writing on a variety of subjects. She is a frequent speaker both at schools and for various organizations as she enjoys sharing the fascinating stories of her book’s subjects.

Peggy Caravantes

Books by Peggy Caravantes

by Peggy Caravantes - Biography, Culture, History, Young Adult 12+

In 1921, four men ventured into the Arctic for a top-secret expedition: an attempt to claim uninhabited Wrangel Island in northern Siberia for Great Britain. With the men was a young Inuit woman named Ada Blackjack, a cook and seamstress, trying to earn money to care for her sick son. Conditions soon turned dire for the team when they were unable to kill enough game to survive. Three of the men tried to cross the frozen Chukchi Sea for help but were never seen again, leaving Ada with one remaining team member who soon died. Determined to be reunited with her son, Ada learned to survive alone in the icy world by trapping foxes, catching seals, and avoiding polar bears.

by Peggy Caravantes - Biography, Nonfiction, Performing Arts, Women's History, Young Adult 12+

With determination and audacity, Josephine Baker used her comic and musical abilities to become a worldwide icon of the Jazz Age. This lively biography covers her outspoken participation in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, espionage work for the French Resistance during World War II and adoption of 12 childrenher “rainbow tribe.” The lush photographs, in-depth appendix, source notes and bibliography make this is a must-have resource for any student, Baker fan or history buff.