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Pauline Chandler


Pauline Chandler

Pauline Chandler has published several books set in different historical periods. These include Warrior Girl, set in the France of Joan of Arc, Viking Girl and The Mark of Edain, in which Aoife (Ee-fa) a Druid princess, kidnaps a Roman war elephant. She lives in Derbyshire, the setting for Dark Thread.

Pauline Chandler

Books by Pauline Chandler

by Pauline Chandler - Historical Fiction


A war-torn country waiting for a hero
An ebony box holding the key to a young orphan's life
A determined young woman who hears voices promising that she will save her beloved France
And another with no voice to say that her future is in peril

For centuries, Joan of Arc's legendary journey has spoken to readers' sense of adventure. Pauline Chandler's riveting novel delivers the tale with astonishing freshness and unflinching truth.