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Patrick Downes


Patrick Downes

Patrick Downes was raised in New York City and now splits his time between the United States and Canada. He will publish his first YA novel, Fell of Dark, with Philomel/Penguin (2015) and his first picture book, Angus Runs Away, with Scholastic Press (2016). He is at work on a new novel. 

Patrick Downes

Books by Patrick Downes

by Patrick Downes - Fiction, Friendship, Mental Health, Young Adult 14+

Nest and Q walk through the city. Nest speaks and Q listens. Mile by mile, Nest tells Q about her life, her family, her past...and her Chimaera, the beast that preys on her mind and causes her to lose herself. Q knows only that his love for Nest runs deeper than the demon that plagues her thoughts, that he loves her in spite of --- or perhaps because of --- the personal battle she fights every day.

by Patrick Downes - Fiction, Mental Health, Young Adult 14+
Written in searing prose, this is the story of two boys: Erik, who performs miracles, and Thorn, who hears voices. The book chronicles their lives as their minds devolve into hallucinations, and shows the way their worlds intersect, culminating in a final stand-off.