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Nina Berry


Nina Berry

Nina Berry is the author of the Pagan Jones series, historical thrillers from Harlequin Teen, and the Otherkin series, paranormal YA from KTeen. Born and raised in Honolulu, educated at the University of Chicago and Northwestern, Nina now works in television by day and writes books by night from her secret lair in Hollywood.

Books by Nina Berry

by Nina Berry - Historical Fiction, Mystery, Performing Arts, Romance, Thriller, Youth Fiction
Celebrating her escape from East Germany and the success of her new film, teen starlet Pagan Jones returns to Hollywood to reclaim her place among the rich and the famous. But memories of her time in Berlin --- and elusively handsome secret agent Devin Black --- continue to haunt her daydreams. The whirlwind of parties and celebrities just isn't enough to distract Pagan from the excitement of being a spy or dampen her curiosity about her late mother's mysterious past. When Devin reappears with an opportunity for Pagan to get back into the spy game, she is eager to embrace the role once again --- all she has to do is identify a potential Nazi war criminal. A man who has ties to her mother. 
by Nina Berry - Romance, Youth Fiction

Pagan's old agent shows up with a mysterious studio executive, Devin Black, and an offer. Pagan will be released from juvenile detention if she accepts a juicy role in a comedy directed by award-winning director Bennie Wexler. The shoot starts in West Berlin in just three days. The offer's too good to be true, Berlin's in turmoil and Devin Black knows way too much about her --- there's definitely something fishy going on.