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Archives - May 2015

Interview: Rachelle Dekker, author of The Choosing

May 18, 2015

A lot of older siblings want to inspire their sisters and brothers --- to teach them to be kind human beings, to go after their goals and stick up for their beliefs.

But Rachelle Dekker went above and beyond --- she wrote an entire book (and soon-to-be series) to teach her sisters that “they are worth everything.”

The result is THE CHOOSING, in which Carrington Hale’s Choosing Ceremony goes horribly awry and she’s sent to spend her life as a Lint, the lowest level of society. But rumors of rebellion rattle all of her beliefs, and, surprisingly, resonate deeply with her.

Read below to learn more about THE CHOOSING, the first book in The Seer series, as well as Rachelle’s must-have writing accessory, what it’s like to have a bestselling author for a father and how her imagination and real-life inventions aren’t as different as she once presumed.

Interview: S. E. Green, author of Killer Instinct

May 15, 2015

You get all sorts of female protagonists in YA literature, whether they’re fighting to save an empire, overcoming a difficult family situation or trying to summon the guts to talk to their crush.

Lane, the protagonist of KILLER INSTINCT and KILLER WITHIN by S.E. Green, is a slightly rarer breed --- she’s obsessed with serial killers, and struggles with an urge to kill, herself. We talked to Green about her series, and she revealed the most difficult scenes to write, at which point in the writing process she determines the identity of the serial killer and the inspiration for Lane’s character.

Read below, and be sure to check out KILLER INSTINCT and KILLER WITHIN!