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Archives - March 2014

Interview: David Baldacci, author of The Finisher

Mar 28, 2014

You may have seen David Baldacci's name on your parents' bookshelves before --- he's written 27 novels for adults, and there are more than 110 million copies of his books in print worldwide! We're happy to report, though, that his latest endeavor --- THE FINISHER --- belongs squarely in the YA section of your local library. This fantasy follows Vega Jane, a girl who lives in Wormwood. No one ever leaves Wormwood --- the surrounding forest, the Quag, is filled with terrifying beasts and bloodthirsty Outliers. But when her friend Quentin flees to the Quag, Vega Jane knows that something isn't as it seems --- and she follows Quentin's trail of clues to uncover the deep, dark secrets about her society. In this interview, David tells us about his writing process, the mythological creatures that inspired some of the monsters in the book and why he chose to write from a female perspective.  

Interview: Bree Despain, author of Into the Dark Book #1: The Shadow Prince

Mar 5, 2014

We all know the story Persephone --- Hades captured the young goddess and brought her to be the queen of the underworld, much to her mother Demeter's dismay.  Along with a Death Cab for Cutie song, Bree Despain used this famous myth as the inspiration for THE SHADOW PRINCE, where young Haden is sent to bring Daphne, an aspiring singer at a California private school, back to the underworld to help continue the line of Hades, who was killed in the Thousand Year War with the Skylords. But when Haden and Daphne develop feelings for one another, they might not only change their own destinies, but the destinies of the entire universe. In this interview, Bree explains why the word "darkness" is in both of her series titles, advice for aspiring writers and her lack of musical talent.

Interview: Elizabeth Scott, author of Heartbeat

Mar 3, 2014

Some young adult authors have dreamed of being writers their whole lives. Not Elizabeth Scott --- she was an editor, an office manager, sold pantyhose and burned CDs for a company --- and only started her first novel as part of a dare! We're certainly glad she did though --- her 12 young adult novels are moving, funny, dark and everything in between. In this interview, Elizabeth talks about her latest book, HEARTBEAT, telling us about her favorite character from the book, her writing process and the research that went into the book (hint: having a lawyer for a husband definitely helped!).