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Archives - April 2013

Interview: Kristin Hannah, author of Fly Away

Apr 25, 2013

FLY AWAY, the highly anticipated follow-up to Kristin Hannah’s FIREFLY LANE, finally has been released. In this emotionally complex and often heart-wrenching novel, Hannah focuses on the characters of Tully, Johnny, Dorothy and Marah, and the stories and relationships that have made them who they are. Told with vibrant flashbacks, the book paints a portrait of growth, redemption, and what it means to be a woman. In this interview, conducted by’s Norah Piehl, Hannah discusses grief, motherhood, and our misunderstandings of the people closest to us. She also talks about the craft and struggle of writing with flashbacks, and what led her to return to the world of FIREFLY LANE five years after its publication.

Interview: Beth Reekles, author of The Kissing Booth

Apr 18, 2013

You may have already heard of Beth Reekles, the teen British sensation who won over readers on the platform, Wattpad. At only 17 years old, she earned herself a three-book deal with Random House, a dream come true for so many authors. We at were lucky enough to be able to ask Beth a few questions about her first book, THE KISSING BOOTH! In this interview, Beth explains how she began writing, advice for teens who have writing aspirations and what is coming next from this teen author.

Author Talk: Aaron Hartzler, author of Rapture Practice

Apr 16, 2013

In this author talk, author Aaron Hartzler discusses his debut novel RAPTURE PRACTICE, his memoir about growing up in a fundamentalist Christian family and when he became to question his identity in high school. Learn how he began writing his memoir, what advice he would give his teenaged self and little hints about what his life has become after high school.

Q: What are you trying to say with this book?