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Archives - January 2012

Interview: Melody Carlson, author of The Jerk Magnet: Life at Kingston High, Book 1

Jan 20, 2012

In THE JERK MAGNET, the first installment in Melody Carlson’s Life at Kingston High series, high school student Chelsea Martin goes through a complex transformation when her stepmom gives her a makeover. Though at first Chelsea loves her new look, she soon realizes it’s attracting all the wrong guys --- and repelling potential friends. In this interview, conducted by’s Michele Howe, Carlson discusses her reasons for writing about society’s obsession with outer beauty. She also offers insight into Chelsea’s character, shares her own opinions about beauty and self-esteem, and gives glimpses into her upcoming books.

Interview: Keshni Kashyap, author of Tina's Mouth: An Existential Comic Diary

Jan 13, 2012

Writer Keshni Kashyap discusses what makes her heroine, a high school sophomore discovering the philosophies of Jean-Paul Sartre, exist…and grow.