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Nancy Farmer


Nancy Farmer

Nancy Farmer has written three Newbery Honor Books: THE EAR THE EYE AND THE ARM; A GIRL NAMED DISASTER; and THE HOUSE OF THE SCORPION, which, in 2002, also won the National Book Award. Other books include DO YOU KNOW ME, THE WARM PLACE, and three picture books for young children. She grew up on the Arizona-Mexico border, and now lives with her family in Menlo Park, California.

Nancy Farmer

Books by Nancy Farmer

by Nancy Farmer - Dystopian, Fiction, Science Fiction

Matt has always been nothing but a clone --- grown from a strip of old El Patron’s skin. Now, at age 14, he finds himself suddenly thrust into the position of ruling over his own country. The Land of Opium is the largest territory of the Dope Confederacy, but while Opium thrives, the rest of the world has been devastated by ecological disaster --- and hidden in Opium is the cure.

by Nancy Farmer - Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult 12+

The crowning volume of the trilogy that began with THE SEA OF TROLLS and continued with THE LAND OF SILVER APPLES opens with a vicious tornado. (Odin on a Wild Hunt, as the young berserker Thorgil sees it.) The fields of Jack’s home village are devastated, the winter ahead looks bleak, and a monster --- a draugr --- has invaded the forest outside of town.

by Nancy Farmer - Fiction

To most people around him, Matt is a beast, not a boy. But for El Patron, lord of a country called Opium, Matt is a guarantee of eternal life. El Patron loves Matt as he loves himself --- because Matt is himself.