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Mimi Yu


Mimi Yu

Mimi Yu was born and raised in rural upstate New York. Her hometown is the site of both the Women’s Rights Convention (1848) and the largest active landfill in New York State (ongoing). She currently resides in the SF Bay Area of California, and soon she will live near Chicago. She has never been a midwesterner before, but she does enjoy a good casserole.

Besides books, Mimi likes quilting, gardening, drawing, picking up heavy weights and pop music. She has four planets in Aquarius. She knows a little bit about a lot of animals, and far too much about cats.

Mimi Yu

Books by Mimi Yu

by Mimi Yu - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Young Adult 13+

Sisters Lu and Min have always known their places as the princesses of the Empire of the First Flame: Lu will become the dynasty's first female ruler, while Min will lead a quiet life in Lu's shadow. Until their father names their male cousin Set his heir instead. Lu has no choice but to go on the run, leaving Min to face the volatile court alone. Lu soon crosses paths with Nokhai, a survivor of the Ashina, a clan of wolf shapeshifters. Nok never learned to shift, but working with the princess might be the only way to unlock his power. As Lu and Nok form an alliance, Min's own hidden power awakens, a forbidden, deadly magic that could secure Set's reign...or win her the throne instead.