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Meg Haston


Meg Haston

Meg Haston is the author of HOW TO ROCK BRACESAND GLASSES and HOW TO ROCK BEST FRIENDS AND FRENEMIES. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida, where she writes and works as a counselor in an independent school. PAPERWEIGHT is her first young adult novel.

Meg Haston

Books by Meg Haston

by Meg Haston - Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Mental Health, Social Issues, Young Adult 14+

BEFORE: Bridge and Wil have been entangled in each other’s lives for years. Under the white-hot Florida sun, they went from kids daring each other to swim past the breakers to teenagers stealing kisses between classes. But when Bridge betrayed Wil during their junior year, she shattered his heart and their relationship along with it. AFTER: When Wil’s family suffers a violent loss, and Bridge rushes back to Wil’s side. As they struggle to heal old wounds and start falling for each other all over again, Bridge and Wil discover just how much has changed in the past year.

by Meg Haston - Psychology, Youth Fiction

PAPERWEIGHT follows Stevie's journey as she struggles not only with this life-threatening eating disorder, but with the question of whether she can ever find absolution for the mistakes of her past…and whether she truly deserves to.