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Mark Frost


Mark Frost

Mark Frost studied directing and playwriting at Carnegie Mellon University. He partnered with David Lynch to create and executive produce the groundbreaking television series Twin Peaks. Frost cowrote the screenplays for the films Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He is also the New York Times bestselling author of eight previous books, including THE LIST OF SEVEN, THE SECOND OBJECTIVE, THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED, and THE MATCH.

Mark Frost

Books by Mark Frost

by Mark Frost - Children's, Coming of Age, Fantasy

Under constant surveillance, Will and his friends secretly devise a plan to defeat Franklin Greenwood and his Knights of the Charlemagne. The team must enter the Never-Was and find an elusive group of supernatural beings called the Hierarchy. But as the battle approaches, the alliance uncovers old secrets that threaten to tear them apart. Can they protect Earth from the demons beyond? Or will a rogue player destroy them and the world they live in?

by Mark Frost - Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 12+

After exposing the Knights of Charlemagne, Will West stays at the Center over the summer to explore his newly developing physical and mental abilities. Meanwhile, his roommates investigate the Knights' shadowy purpose and discover unsettling information about their own backgrounds. Will and his friends must quickly figure out what's going on and separate friend from foe as they prepare for the coming fight.

by Mark Frost - Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Will West is careful to live life under the radar. He's made sure to get mediocre grades, but then Will slips up, accidentally scoring off the charts on a nationwide exam. While Will is being courted by an exclusive prep school, he learns that his abilities are connected to a struggle between titanic forces that has lasted for millennia.