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Marcus Weeks


Marcus Weeks

Marcus is a musician and wordsmith. He was born and brought up in Hastings, on the south-east coast of England. For reasons not entirely clear to him, he still works and lives there. His partner, Ann Kramer, is also a writer, and they share their house with a goldfish, and their garden with Marcus’s bees and a wide variety of wildlife including badgers and foxes. Marcus has studied both Music and Musical Instrument Technology, and has worked as a teacher of Music, a tutor in English as a foreign language, an art gallery manager, a piano tuner/technician and restorer, a writer and editor, and composer and arranger, amongst other things. Marcus has contributed to several encyclopedias and information books, for publishers such as Grisewood Dempsey and Dorling Kindersley; updated the music sections of the Helicon encyclopedia database; was Music Editor of and contributor to the Spitalfields Festival programme book 1996-2001; and acted as consultant for several DK publications.

Books by Marcus Weeks

by Marcus Weeks - Psychology
Psychology is all around us  ---  in the advertising we see, the politics we debate, and in the development of products we use every day. Using engaging graphics, HEADS UP PSYCHOLOGY explores the big ideas from all areas of psychology including psychoanalysis, intelligence, and mental disorders.