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Lucy Ivison


Lucy Ivison

Lucy is a school librarian who runs an online teen magazine, Whatever After, as well as teaching in girls’ schools across London specialising in building confidence and creativity.

Lucy Ivison

Books by Lucy Ivison

by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison - Comedy, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Friendship, Relationships, Romance, Sex, Young Adult 14+

Phoebe can't wait to get to college. She'll be totally different: cooler, prettier, smarter...the perfect potential girlfriend, which is good because the only person from her high school also going to York is her crush, Luke. As soon as Luke arrives on campus, he finds himself dumping his long-term long-distance girlfriend. But just when things start looking up, drama looms on the horizon. Rumors swirl about a secret text chain run by Luke's soccer team, filled with compromising photos of girls. As the women on campus determine to expose the team and shut down the account, Luke and Phoebe find themselves grappling with confusing feelings and wondering how they'll ever make it through freshman year.

by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison - Dating, Fiction, Humor, Young Adult 13+

The summer before college, Hannah swears she’s finally going to find The One. For Sam, the summer is off to a bad start for a million reasons. But for five minutes, they spoke to each other. But then they went there separate ways. But another chance meeting brings them together, only to have a chance misunderstanding drive them apart, and then the cycle starts all over again. Shenanigans ensue, and for two people destined for each other, they sure have a hell of a lot of trouble even getting together.