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Author Talk: July 2006

July 2006

Question: Where did you grow up in?

Louise Rennison: A quite notorious place in Leeds, Yorkshire; it's often featured in documentaries as a place NOT to grow up in. I didn't know that at the time so consequently really liked it. I lived in a three bedroom house with my mum and dad and aunt and uncle and cousin, my grandparents and one of those free form uncles that hang around. Also my grandmother was an Irish Catholic and my grandad was a Yorkshire Jew so I leave it to you to imagine the weddings and funerals. There was a lot of fighting and crying and mad dancing.

Q: What was your childhood ambition?

LR: I thought (wrongly) I might be a famous Irish dancer, or one of those people who is just famous for being themselves. From a very early age I imagined there was a camera following me everywhere, which was a bit embarrassing when I went to the loo...but that is the price of fame.

Q: What is your favorite city?

LR: Well not to be too sycophantic...oh go on then I will be...I LOVE New York. Sadly, because they seem to like English people there so much, I am inclined to turn into Mary Poppins by the time I have been there an hour and a half...

Q: Where do you write?

LR: I write in a very eccentric place in the middle of town called "The Natural Health Centre." It's a centre where they run classes in yoga and shiatsu and dancing, 5 rhythms, belly dancing, tai chi...everything. So if I get I mean...creatively blocked, I can nip down and watch odd blokes in caftans trying to dance and thrust their pelvises around to belly dancing music. Very uplifting. Oh and also, next door to the Natural Health Centre is a whole food shop called "Infinity Foods," so if I am feeling very amusing I will say to my best friend Jeddi who runs the Health Centre, "I'm just popping to Infinity," which even after years of saying it still makes me laugh.

Q: What adjectives might you use to describe your latest book?

LR: Fabby, groovy, tragic, yet full of hilariosity.