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Lindsey Barraclough


Lindsey Barraclough

Lindsey Barraclough was born in Essex, England, and has worked as a music teacher. LONG LANKIN is her first novel. She lives in London.

Lindsey Barraclough

Books by Lindsey Barraclough

by Lindsey Barraclough - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Young Adult 13+

In 1567, baby Aphra is found among the reeds and rushes by two outcast witches. Even as an infant, her gifts in the dark craft are clear. But when her guardians succumb to an angry mob, Aphra is left to fend for herself. She is shunned and feared by all but one man, the leper known as Long Lankin. Hounded and ostracized, the two find solace only in each other, but even this respite is doomed, and Aphra’s bitterness poisons her entire being. Afflicted with leprosy, tortured and about to be burned as a witch, she manages one final enchantment --- a curse on her tormentor’s heirs. Now, in 1962, Cora and Mimi, the last of a cursed line, are trapped in an ancient home on a crumbling estate in deepest winter, menaced by a spirit bent on revenge. Are their lives and souls forfeit forever?

by Lindsey Barraclough - Fiction, Historical Mystery, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal Mystery

Cora and Mimi are sent to stay with their Aunt Ida, an eccentric and rigid woman, in the isolated village of Byers Guerdon. What the girls don’t know is that Aunt Ida’s life was devastated the last time two young sisters were at Guerdon Hall, and she's determined to protect her nieces from an evil that has lain hidden for years. It’s up to Aunt Ida and Cora to uncover the horrifying truth before something happens to them.