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Linda Oatman High


Linda Oatman High

I'm an author of books for children and teens, and I teach writing workshops and do author presentations.

Linda Oatman High

Books by Linda Oatman High

by Linda Oatman High - Young Adult 15+

A law has been passed. There will be no more genders. Everyone must appear gender neutral. No more boys. No more girls. Just … Otherwise. Same bland clothes. Same fuzzy heads. "Spark" dreads the countdown leading up to the finality of the new law's passage. Her parents are for it. They're tired of conforming to society's standards. But they allow her to take off for a quick camping trip to gather her thoughts. At the campsite, she meets "Whistler." And the attraction is instant and mutual. But who is Whistler? And what is Whistler? Boy? Or girl? This gender-bending story in verse will make readers question everything they thought they knew about love, chemistry, and cultural norms.

by Linda Oatman High - Poetry, Young Adult 12+

Her family runs Stevens Brothers Funeral Home, which is ironic, since Faith Hope Stevens is not long for this world. Unless someone dies. Unless there is a match. Staying alive will mean a heart transplant. Faith copes with wit and nerve. She's also a little pissed off. She will never grow old. She will never have a boyfriend. Then one shocking day, everything changes ...