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L. B. Tillit


L. B. Tillit

L.B. was born in the mountains of North Carolina but was raised in Switzerland as a missionary kid. As was the custom at the time, missionary kids were expected to attend the local schools, which meant L.B. first learned to read and write in German, although her primary spoken language was English. In third grade she was moved to an American International School where she struggled with the English language. In spite of her struggles, L.B. enjoyed school because of the diversity she encountered, learning about various cultures and the importance of tolerance. 

After graduating from high school, L.B. returned to the United States to attend college where she became intrigued by middle school students, and she soon found herself teaching middle school back in the mountains of North Carolina. During her 16 years of teaching L.B. had the privilege of working in the local alternative school where her work with students, who were at-risk of dropping out, earned her recognition as the county's Teacher of the Year. L.B. and her students wrote and self published three books about the county's history which won awards from the North Carolina's Society of Historians. As L.B. worked with the at-risk students her desire to change the lives of struggling student's took seed.

L.B. continues to live in North Carolina with her husband and their three daughters.

L. B. Tillit

Books by L. B. Tillit

by L. B. Tillit - Fiction, Young Adult 13+

After two years in a loving home, TJ's mother got him back. She was clean. No pot. No meth. His chest felt like it was burning. His heart was racing. Trapped. He felt trapped. He didn't have a say. And the brutal life he'd escaped quickly reclaimed him. But he knew this wasn't the end of Kaden Cruz. He could still hear his father's voice. "It's not free. You'll have to pay them back one day."