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Kristina McBride


Kristina McBride

Kristina McBride has published two novels for young adults - The Tension of Opposites and One Moment. Her third YA novel, A Million Times Goodnight, will be released in July of 2016. Her fourth title, The Bakersville Dozen, will be available July of 2017. Kristina is a former high school English teacher and yearbook advisor, as well as an adjunct professor at Antioch University Midwest and Wright State University. Kristina has a thing for music, trees, purses, and chocolate. You might be surprised to learn that Kristina was almost kidnapped when she was a child. She also bookstalks people on a regular basis. Kristina lives in Ohio with her husband and two young children. Visit her online at

Kristina McBride

Books by Kristina McBride

by Kristina McBride - Crime, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult 14+

Back in September, the town of Bakersville, Ohio made national news when a video went viral featuring 13 of the high school’s elite in compromising positions. Now it’s May, and every month since the “Bakersville Dozen” made their infamous appearance on the national stage, one girl has gone missing. Officials are no closer to identifying the criminal.

by Kristina McBride - Dating, Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Young Adult 13+

On the night of the big spring break party, 17-year-old Hadley "borrows" her boyfriend Ben's car without telling him. As payback, he posts a naked picture of her online for the entire senior class to see. Now Hadley has a choice: go back to the party and force Ben to delete the picture or raise the stakes and take his beloved car on a road trip as far away from their hometown of Oak Grove, Ohio, as she can get.