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Koren Shadmi


Koren Shadmi

Koren Shadmi is a Brooklyn Based illustrator and Cartoonist; he earned his degree in Illustration in 2006 from the School of Visual Arts in New York. His graphic novels have been published in France, Italy, Spain, Israel, and the US.


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Koren Shadmi

Books by Koren Shadmi

written by Jack Baxter and Joshua Faudem with illustrations by Koren Shadmi - Graphic Novel, Nonfiction
There's a rule at Mike's Place: never, ever talk politics or religion. At this blues bar on the Tel Aviv beachfront, an international cast of characters mingles with the locals, and everyone is welcome to grab a beer and forget the conflict outside. At least, that's the story Jack and Joshua want to tell in their documentary. But less than a month after they begin filming, Mike's Place is the target of a deadly suicide bombing. Jack, Joshua, and the Mike's Place family survive the only way they know how-by keeping the camera rolling.