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Kiley Roache


Kiley Roache

Kiley Roache is a college student who spends her time reading, writing and justifying the purchase of cold brew coffee. She has worked for the Chicago Tribune's teen publication, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Huffington Post Teen. Originally from Chicago, she currently lives in Stanford, California in a house with 60 of her closest friends. 

Kiley Roache

Books by Kiley Roache

by Kiley Roache - Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Dating, Fiction, Friendship, Love & Romance, Young Adult 13+

Type A control freak Sara lives by her color-coordinated Post-it notes. Rich boy Braden wants out from under his billionaire father’s thumb. Scholarship student Roberto can’t afford for his grades to drop. The silly dating app they create proves to be the most viable project in class. Late nights of app development, interest from investors and unexpected romance are woven into a true-to-life college drama that explores what it means to really connect online and IRL.

by Kiley Roache - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Young Adult 15+

With one shot at a scholarship to the school of her dreams, Cassie pitches an unusual research project --- to pledge Delta Tau Chi, a frat house on the verge of being banned from school for their offensive behavior, take on the boys’ club and provide proof of their misogynistic behavior. It’s different, but it’s not against the rules, and she’s pretty sure she knows exactly what to expect once she gets there. But Cassie soon realizes things aren’t as simple as they appeared. With her academic future on the line, and her heart all tangled in a web of her own making, Cassie will ultimately have to define for herself what the F-word is all about.