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Kenneth Oppel


Kenneth Oppel

Kenneth Oppel has published more than 15 books for children. In 1995, he won the Air Canada Award for the best Canadian writer under the age of 30. Formerly Books for Young People Editor at Quill & Quire magazine, he now writes full time. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, with his wife and children.

Kenneth Oppel

Books by Kenneth Oppel

written by Kenneth Oppel with illustrations by Sydney Smith - Family, Fiction, Humor, Youth Fiction
by Kenneth Oppel - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Western, Young Adult 12+

Somewhere in the Badlands lies the skeleton of a dinosaur larger than anything the late nineteenth century world has ever seen. To 17-year-old Samuel it’s the “rex," the king dinosaur that could put him and his struggling archaeologist father in the history books (and make his father forget he’s been kicked out of school), if they can just quarry it out. For Rachel this find could be her ticket to a life where her loves of science and adventure aren’t just relegated to books. As their paths cross, Samuel and Rachel are pushed closer together. But as danger looms on the other side of the hills, they are forced to make a decision. Can they join forces to find their quarry or will old enmities and prejudices keep them from both the rex and each other?

by Kenneth Oppel - Fiction, Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult 12+

After discovering a portal into the spirit world, 16-year-old Victor Frankenstein and his brother's betrothed, Elizabeth --- along with Victor’s twin, Konrad, and their friend Henry --- venture into a place of infinite possibilities where power and passion reign. But as they search for the knowledge to raise the dead, they unknowingly unlock a darkness from which they may never return.

by Kenneth Oppel - Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult 12+

Victor Frankenstein’s twin, Konrad, has fallen ill. In his desperation to save him, Victor searches for the ingredients to the fabled Elixir of Life. With the help of his cousin Elizabeth and his best friend Henry, Victor will do anything to help Konrad --- even if it means embracing madness.

by Kenneth Oppel - Fiction, Social Sciences, Young Adult 12+

For 13 years, Ben Tomlin was an only child. But all that changes when his mother brings home Zan --- an eight-day-old chimpanzee. Ben's father is a renowned behavioral scientist, and his latest project is to determine whether chimps can acquire advanced language skills. Ben slowly starts to treat Zan as a brother, but his father only sees him as an experiment. Soon Ben is forced to make the critical choice between what he is told to believe and what he knows to be true.