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Kelley York


Kelley York

Kelley York and Rowan Altwood are a wife and wife writing team living in central California with their daughter and way too many cats. Kelley is the author of HUSHED, MADE OF STARS, and MODERN MONSTERS, and OTHER BREAKABLE THINGS is Rowan’s debut.

Kelley York

Books by Kelley York

by Kelley York and Rowan Altwood - Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 12+

Luc Argent has always been intimately acquainted with death. After a car crash got him a second chance at life via someone else’s transplanted heart, he tried to embrace it. But he always knew death could be right around the corner again. Sick of hospitals and tired of transplants, Luc is ready to let his failing heart give out, ready to give up. A road trip to Oregon --- where death with dignity is legal --- is his answer. But along for the ride is his best friend, Evelyn. And she’s not giving up so easily.

by Kelley York - Suspense, Youth Fiction

Vic Howard never wanted to go to the party. He's the Invisible Guy at school. But because his best friend is as popular as Vic is ignored, he went…And wished he hadn't. Something happened to Callie Wheeler and her life will never be the same. Plus, now Callie has told the police that Vic is responsible. As the whispers and violence escalate, he becomes determined to clear his name. But as Autumn, (Callie’s best friend) and Vic slowly peel back the layers of what happened at the party, they realize that while the truth can set Vic free, it can also shatter everything he thought he knew about his life…