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Katy Upperman


Katy Upperman

Katy Upperman is a graduate of Washington State University, a former elementary school teacher and an insatiable reader. When not writing for young adults, Katy can be found whipping up batches of chocolate-chip cookies, or exploring the country with her husband and daughter.

Katy Upperman

Books by Katy Upperman

by Katy Upperman - Dating, Family, Romance, Social Issues, Young Adult 12+

After her brother's death in Afghanistan, the last thing Elise wants to do is start over in a new town. But when Elise meets Mati during a beachside walk, they quickly discover how much they have in common. Over the course of the summer, their relationship begins to blossom. But Elise's family becomes uncomfortable with their relationship over one fact --- Mati is Afghan. THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF US asks --- how brave can you be when your relationship is questioned by everyone you love?

by Katy Upperman - Animals , Contemporary Fiction, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship, Romance, Young Adult 12+

After his father’s stroke, Max Holden isn't himself. As his long-time friend, Jillian Eldridge only wants to help. When Max climbs through her window one night, Jill knows she shouldn't let him kiss her. But she can’t resist, but Jill swears it'll never happen again. The two starts spending more and more time together. And even though her father disapproves and Max has a girlfriend, not kissing Max is easier said than done. Will Jill follow her heart and allow their friendship to blossom into something more, or will she listen to her head and stop kissing Max Holden once and for all?