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Kaitlin Ward


Kaitlin Ward

Kaitlin Ward grew up on a dairy farm in a tiny New Hampshire town, the same town where she lives now with her husband and son. Before settling back in her hometown, Kaitlin studied animal science at Cornell University. She co-founded the well-known blog, "YA Highway," and by day she works at a company that sells coins. BLEEDING EARTH is her debut novel.

Books by Kaitlin Ward

by Kaitlin Ward - Fiction, Friendship, Mental Health, Science Fiction, Young Adult 13+

Eliza knows the legends about the swamp near her house --- that people have fallen into sinkholes, never to be seen again, maybe even falling to the center of the earth. As an aspiring geologist, she knows the last part is impossible. But when her best friends drag her onto the uneven ground anyway, Eliza knows to be worried. And when the earth opens under her feet, there isn't even time to say I told you so. As she scrambles through one cave, which leads to another and another, Eliza finds herself in an impossible world --- where a small group of people survive underground, running from vicious creatures, eating giant bugs and creating their own subterranean society. 

by Kaitlin Ward - Adventure, Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult 14+

Mailee and Cara take care of each other. Mailee is the star of the high school plays; Cara is the stage manager. Mailee can't keep her life together; Cara has enough organizational skills for the both of them.So when the girls are invited to visit the Haven, a commune in the mountains near their suburban Montana homes, it seems like an adventure. Until Cara starts spending every waking minute there... and Mailee thinks it's creepy, almost like a cult. When Cara decides she's going to move to the Haven permanently, Mailee knows it's a bad idea. 

by Kaitlin Ward - Gay & Lesbian, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Suspense, Young Adult 14+, Youth Fiction

Lea was in a cemetery when the earth started bleeding. Within 24 hours, the blood made international news. All over the world, blood oozed out of the ground, even through the concrete, even in the water.  Lea wants to be a regular teen again, but the blood has made her a prisoner in her own home. Fear for her social life turns into fear for her sanity, and Lea must save herself and her girlfriend however she can.