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Julia Alvarez


Julia Alvarez

Julia Alvarez is the author of 19 books, including the novels HOW THE GARCIA GIRLS LOST THEIR ACCENTS and IN THE TIME OF THE BUTTERFLIES. A writer-in-residence at Middlebury College, she and her husband, Bill Eichner, established and founded Alta Gracia, an organic coffee farm–literacy arts center, in her homeland, the Dominican Republic.

Julia Alvarez

Books by Julia Alvarez

by Julia Alvarez - Family, Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Milly Kaufman is an ordinary American teenager living in Vermont --- and then she meets Pablo, a new student at her high school. His exotic accent, strange fashion sense and intense interest in Milly force her to confront her identity as an adopted child from Pablo’s native country. As their relationship grows, Milly decides to undertake a courageous journey to her homeland and, along the way, discovers the story of her birth is intertwined with the story of a country recovering from a brutal past.

by Julia Alvarez - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Anita de la Torre never questioned her freedom living in the Dominican Republic. But by her twelfth birthday in 1960, most of her relatives have immigrated to the United States, her Tío Toni has disappeared without a trace, and the government’s secret police terrorize her remaining family because of their suspected opposition to Trujillo’s iron-fisted rule. Using the strength and courage of her family, Anita must overcome her fears and fly to freedom, leaving all that she once knew behind.

by Julia Alvarez - Fiction

Uprooted from their home in the Dominican Republic, the four Garcia sisters arrive in New York City in 1960 to find a life far different from the genteel existence of maids, manicures, and extended family they left behind. What they have lost --- and what they find --- is revealed in the fifteen interconnected stories that make up this exquisite novel from one of the premiere novelists of our time.