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Jordan Sonnenblick


Jordan Sonnenblick

Jordan Sonnenblick always wanted to be a writer, so one day in 2003 he started the book that became DRUMS, GIRLS & DANGEROUS PIE. It was published in 2005 to great acclaim, and was named to several Best of 2005 lists. It was also chosen to be part of the “Go the Distance” literacy initiative, which is a collaboration between Muhammad Ali and Scholastic. Its sequel, AFTER EVER AFTER, was published in 2010 to many accolades.

In addition to also writing the critically acclaimed teen novels NOTES FROM THE MIDNIGHT DRIVER and ZEN AND THE ART OF FAKING IT Jordan has written three titles for younger children: DODGER AND ME, DODGER FOR PRESIDENT and DODGER FOR SALE.

Jordan lives in Bethlehem, PA with the most supportive wife and lovable children he could ever imagine.

Jordan Sonnenblick

Books by Jordan Sonnenblick

by Jordan Sonnenblick - Fiction, Friendship, Young Adult 12+

Claire's life is a joke...but she's not laughing. While her friends seem to be leaping forward, she's dancing in the same place. The mean girls at school are living up to their mean name, and there's a boy, Ryder, who's just as bad. And at home, nobody's really listening to her. Then into all of this comedy comes something intense and tragic --- while her dad is talking to her, he falls over with a medical emergency. Suddenly the joke has become very serious --- and the only way Claire, her family and her friends are going to get through it is if they can find a way to make it funny again.

by Jordan Sonnenblick - Fiction, Music, Young Adult 12+
Rich is 15 and plays guitar. When asked to perform at a protest rally, he jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, the police show up, and so does Rich’s dad. Frustrated by his dad’s silence, Rich breaks into a locked cabinet that holds his dad’s prized possession. Before he knows it, Rich is transported to the side of a road in Upstate New York with a beautiful girl bending over him.
by Jordan Sonnenblick - Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Sometimes, the greatest comebacks take place far away from the ball field. Peter Friedman, a high school freshman, learns this quickly after a freak injury ends his pitching career and he must redefine himself in a new life after sports.